Fitness Speciality Box

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Your diet and lifestyle are different from just about anyone else’s, so your vitamins should be too. Vitamins and supplements are most effective when tailored to help you fill gaps in your diet or reach health & fitness goals.

Fitness – 2 months supply R500 

  • Revite Non-Acidic Vit.C 250mg 100’s
  • Revite Omega-3 EPA/DHA 1000mg Softgels 90’s
  • Revite Slow-release Magnesium Tabs 100’s OR
  • Revite Magnesium Capsules x 2 OR
  • Revite Magnesium Fizzy Tabs x 2
  • Revite Vitamin D Capsules 30’s
  • Revite Vit-T-Go fizzy 10’s x 2
  • Revite Vit-T-Go feel good sachets 50’s