Super B Bomb Energy Sachets 10ml (24's)

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Loaded with B vitamins, Revite Super B Bomb provides an instant blast of energy to help recharge body and mind.

Supports the central nervous system.

strawberry flavoured ready to drink 10ml shots x 24 sachets per box individually sold


Take one sachet per day, preferably mornings or before 2pm, with a meal. Alternatively, when you need to stay awake. Simply tear and drink straight from the sachet. Can be taken daily however must not replace a healthy well-balanced diet.

Each tablet contains:  
Thiamine B1 20mg
Riboflavin B2 20mg
Nicotinamide B3 20mg
Pyridoxine B6 20mg
Cyanocobalamin B12 25mg
Vitamin C 250mg
*Caffeine 80mg
Calcium D pantothenate 25mg



Water, sweetener: fructose, preservatives: sodium benzoate, sodium chloride, sorbitol, flavour: strawberry

*high caffeine content NOT recommended for children or pregnant women.

Contains NO Alcohol or Animal Products